Prom Agreement


new york lprom limousine service

  1. No drugs, smoking, or minors with alcohol in NY limo on Prom Night,, strictly enforced.

  2. The sun roof will be locked closed at all times ,, sorry !!.

  3. The solid divider and glass divider will be locked open at all times.

  4. If anything is broken there is a $100 minimum charge.

  5. If anyone gets sick in the car there is a $50 clean up charge.

  6. A group leader will be chosen and the name given to the limo driver.

  7. A parent's name and phone number who will be home will be given to the driver for emergencies.

  8. All minors are to sign this agreement at the bottom and return it before limo services performed.

  9. If anyone in the New York limo is a minor everyone in the group must sign.


The Credit Card Holder MUST sign and present this form to the chauffeur when he arrives

I, ________________________ agree to all of the above.

signed _________________________date______________

New York Limo States Rules for minors